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R4 smart ring SO black technology NFC magic ring ring mobile phone bracelet jewelry

R4 smart ring SO black technology NFC magic ring ring mobile phone bracelet jewelry

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  • JAKCOM R4 Smart Ring
    IC / ID / NFC card simulation | iOS Android dual platform Cloud Application



  • Micro-crystal Zr ceramics 
    JAKCOM R4 whole body is entirely made of micro-crystal Zr ceramics.
    With excellent refractive index and chromatic dispersion, the device emits unique rounded luster.



  • Marathon process
    Each ring needs to undergo forging for 2 days, sintering in a 1400 ℃ furnace for 5 days, thousand times of CNC polishing, coating and other post-procedures.
    It takes 35 days to present the ring in front of you.



  • Nano feature
    By virtue of the low thermal conductivity of Micro-crystal Zr ceramics, JAKCOM R4 has a gentle touch sense as jade. 



  • Possess 4 times the hardness of aluminum alloy, calmly deal with all kinds of scratches in daily life.



  • New flagship of smart ring
    JAKCOM R4 is the fourth generation smart ring,
    it carries with multiple sets of RFID chip modules.
    And is capable of simulating four contactless RFID cards.
    Once again, it becomes a new flagship product.



  • Brand new design, brand new breakthrough
    The newly designed circuit structure has greatly reduced the electric field disturbance between the modules.
    Compared with the previous generation of products, it has increased the transmit-receive distance by three times, and can be easily compatible with a variety of card reading devices.



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